XKeymacs provides key bindings like Emacs for applications running on Microsoft Windows. You can also configure bindings for each application.

Oishi-san developed this software. He had, however, stopped developing it for a long time. I took control of it with his agreement.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Release version

This version works on Windows 95 or later except 64bit versions. The following functions doesn't work on Windows Vista/7: modifying the keyboard layout and import and export of properties.

xkeymacs348.zip Change log

Snapshot version for the next release

This version works on Windows XP or later including 64bit versions. The following functions doesn't work on Windows Vista/7 yet: modifying the keyboard layout and import and export of properties.


When you test a snapshot version, please don't use the option to run XKeymacs automatically. If you set it and have critical troubles, you can use the safe mode to stop XKeymacs running automatically.

When you stop an older version of XKeymacs and start new one, you must log back on or restart Windows. Otherwise all applications will crash.

Changes since xkeymacs-110814
- It takes a while for C-k to work.
- Fix a bug where XKeymacs doesn't work in some cases on Google Chrome.
Changes since version 3.48
- Support 64bit versions of Windows.
- Fix a bug where a text area on Internet Explorer 7 or later is
  handled as a dialog.
- Fix a bug where console applications can't be handled properly on
  Windows 7
- Fix a bug where C-g releases Ctrl on Visual Studio.
- Fix a bug where incremental searches on it don't work.
- Fix a bug where deactivating the mark don't work on it.
- Fix a bug where M-v and M-f don't work at first time on Visual
  Studio 2010.
- Fix a bug where M-d don't work on Internet Explorer.
- Fix a bug where reverting to the default setting mode for an
  application on the properties dialog can't be saved.
- Fix a bug where original commands defined with enclosed ':' don't
  work well.
- Fix a bug where VK_END is wrongly pressed on find dialogs after
  input with IME.
- Make XKeymacs not create the "etc" directory and empty files.
- Support incremental search on Eclipse.
- Support forward incremental search on Notepad++.
- Make the properties dialog show all available IMEs based on IMM
  and one of IMEs based of TSF.
- Some features don't work on Windows 7 yet.

All versions

Source Code

You can get the source code from either of the following Git repositories.

OSDN / Github

You can build binaries with Visual C++ 2010 Express, Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 7.1.0, and Windows SDK 7.1. If you build binaries with Visual Studio 2010, you must not install WDK.

Mailing List

xkeymacs-user-en is for general topics, for example, questions, bug reports, or feature requests. I will announce new versions in this list.

If you are interested in developing XKeymacs, please join xkeymacs-dev-en.

Issue Tracking System

There is also an issue tracking system. If you prefer it than the mailing lists, please submit new tickets to it to report bugs or request new features.

Kazuhiro Fujieda <fujieda@users.osdn.me>